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Microdermal Monday

28 Feb
What are the Risks?

As all piercings have risks, so do mircodermal piercings. Those who have these piercings should be especially careful right after getting the procedure.

The obvious risk, as many other piercings is that it can get caught on something. Be gentle when getting changed or drying off after a shower. The outside of the piercing can get caught and pulled which may hurt, or if rough enough, rip the piercing out.

A rare thing that may occur is an inward traveling infection. This can occur with out your knowledge and can effect your health.

Another thing that may occur is a keloid, which are visible and more common. A keloid is raised scar and looks disgusting. These are hard to miss on your own body, and noticeable on others. They can itch, stink, and hurt.These can occur from irritation or being accidently hit.

Even more common than keloids are hypertrophic scars. These also are tiny bumps by the piercing. They may look like pimples, but they are not! Be careful, there will be blood is you pop them!

As all piercing there is a risk of rejection. Although for microdermals, the risk of rejection is lower, but it is still possible. Your body will simply push the piercing out, but it can hurt and can leave scarring.

See your piercer right away if you feel as if any of these are happening to you. S/he will be able to tell you what to do and how to treat the problem. Do not wait around, get help immediately.


Before You get Something done…

25 Feb

So you want to get work done? Before you step into any shop there are a couple of things that you should and shouldn’t do.

Hopefully you did your research when finding a place to go. Ask around, look online. Go to a place where someone you know has before and would recommend it. If there is any doubt in your mind the cleanliness of the place, than it is not the place for you.

Ask to see what the person is using. They will show you, and if not, then get up and go somewhere else. Most of the time, they will explain what is happening each step of the way. This is including the set up of the process.

Certificates should be displayed if a place has a license. Then again, poor artists can have licenses as well. This is why you want to ask your friends about where they have gotten theirs done.

To get a piercing or a tattoo, you must be of age. Artists cannot do anything if you are alone and underage. A parent or guardian is necessary if you plan on getting something done.

While getting a tattoo or piercing; your body will be going through some sort of shock. Make sure you eat something before you get it done. After you get it done, do not stand up too quickly, you may get light headed (it has happened to me before).

Also try to avoid taking aspirin or anything else that makes blood thinner. You will be losing some blood. This also includes being sober of both drugs and alcohol.

This is your body that you are changing. Take good care of it; it can affect you for the rest of your life is the place is not clean.

Check out the Association of Professional Piercers for more information

Whatcha Got Wednesday?

23 Feb

Who’s Tattoo?: Holly Tonnisen

Where Did She Get it Done?: White Lotus in Toms River, NJ

Why it’s Awesome?: The tattoo is located on her foot and it hurt so bad, that her friend had to hold her leg down.

Microdermal Monday

21 Feb

The After Piercing

The After Care of a fresh Microdermal Piercing

After getting a microdermal piercing, it is suggested that they remained taped down for the first twenty four hours. This is so that they get be as tight and as close to the skin as possible, for the best healing results.

A suggested way to tape them on is to use a Tegaderm bandage. This is a clear bandage that allows the piercing to breathe, while still holding it down. They are waterproof and keep bacteria out. They are also clear. Using these bandages, you can still see the new piercing and how it is progressing.

To clean it, a saline solution is suggested. Using a salt that is iodine-free, mix about one fourth of a teaspoon with about a cup of water. Wait for the salt to disolve and gently clean the piercing.

Wash your hands before touching your new piercing and before cleaning it.

Typically using a Q-tip is the best method. Dip the Q-tip in the solution and clean around the piercing. Remember to be delicate, for it is still a fresh piercing. Do not twist it or move it around like you would with a normal piercing. You want to minimize touching it as much as possible because of the germs.

When it is time to dry off the area, use a paper towel. Cloth towels can have bacteria growing in them. Using a paper one is more sanitary at this time.

Whatcha got Wednesday?

16 Feb

Who’s Tattoo?: Christine Balestrerie

Where did she get it done?: South Side Tattoo in Howel, NJ

Why it’s awesome?: It is for her friend who passed away in high school.

She saw her first shooting star on that night.


Microdermal Monday

14 Feb


What exactly is a microdermal piercing; it is a question I typically get when I tell people I have them. A microdermal piercing is anchored piercing that is used for surface piercings. Most piercings go in through an entrance and come out of an exit. This type of piercing has no exit.

This type of piercing is becoming very popular in the piercing world because it has a lower chance in rejected than surface piercings. These piercings are permanent.

For a normal piercing, one would not want their skin to regenerate to the jewelry, hence why one is told to rotate a fresh piercing. A microdermal, it is wanted that the skin grow around the piercing, and this helps to hold it in place.

The outer jewelry on a microdermal anchor can be changed after a few weeks of healing, it would be screwed on, much like a monroe stud. This jewelry is also typically made from titanium instead of steel because it is for the long term.

The thought of that may scare people, to have these piercings removed it is a simple process that your piercer can perform.

Typically it can take one to three months to heal. After the process of getting the microdermal, there may be bruising and soreness.

Whatcha Got Wednesday?

10 Feb

Who’s Tattoo? : Brian Woods

Where did he get it Done? : Ink Spot West in Green Brook,NJ

Why it’s awesome? : He got it after the Bob Marley song “Three Little Birds”, instead of getting the cliche lyrics.

*I know it is Thursday, by the way.