3 Feb

My name is Krista Forni, and I am currently a journalism student at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. I am nineteen years old and I went to Woodbridge high school in Woodbridge, New Jersey. That’s about an hour and a half away from my college.

This blog is going to be about college students and their body modifications. This may range from tattoos to piercings, to the more abstract scar tattoos or the radical changes some people make to enhance their bodies.

I also hope to provide information for those who are thinking about getting a tattoo or piercing, how to take care of it, and what it could mean in the future. I hope to add plenty of pictures and awesome designs that people have taken to the ultimate canvas…their bodies.

That’s me. I have six piercings, three in each ear, the cartilage on my left side, my nose pierced on the left side, and my navel pierced. I also have one tattoo on the left side of my body on my ribs. I love the thrill and rush that occurs when I am about to make another change to my body. I love the whole process, I can see how it’s so addictive.

*[On Feb. 4th, I got microdermals on my hips]


One Response to “Hello”

  1. danielleuniverse February 28, 2011 at 9:16 pm #

    Great job so far! Try to do some post in addition to your set mondays and wednesdays. Maybe do an article about some extremes that some people will go to when modifying their bodies like the person who has had the most tattoos ever or the people in tribes in africa who will stretch out their earlobes etc. A post on where to gain inspiration for your tattoo would be helpful. Maybe a post on how body modification can get additive and expensive and quote people who may regret a tattoo they have gotten?

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