Eternal Etchings

8 Feb

At the tattoo convention last week I met an artist named Megan Murphy, of Eternal Etchings, in Villas, New Jersey.

After going to school to become an illustrator, she realized that was not her dream job and at the age of twenty two she became a tattoo artist.

She eventually became her own boss at her own business (Eternal Etchings).  This business had also become a family affair.

In high school, her sister had made her own tattoo gun and had begun doing tattoos on her own legs. She later trained her sister to tattoo. Murphy had also taught her father how to tattoo, after he had helped her start her own business.  Later, her mother began to work at her shop at the counter, yet she herself remains tattoo-less.

I shared with her that I could never become a tattoo artist because I would be too afraid to permanently make a mark on someone’s life. She had taught me something that day as well.

“You have to have a no fear attitude,” she stated. Something I still do not think I would be able to have.

Some of her favorite parts about being a tattoo artist are that she gets to be her own boss; she can create artwork as her job, that she gets to meet plenty of interesting people, and that she gets to travel.

As she was answering these questions she had been tattooing my friend. My friend had asked for tiger eyes inside of a butterfly, but she wanted it to look real. Murphy did an amazing job on my friend’s tattoo. My friend and I had both agreed the tattoo came out much better than the picture that she had shown Murphy.

Her shop is located at 1705 Bayshore Road, Villas, New Jersey 08251.

The shop’s number is (609)-886-6488.

Her business card that I picked up at the convention.


One Response to “Eternal Etchings”

  1. danielleuniverse February 28, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    Great Profile on an artist. I’d like to see more of this!

    Suggestion- Maybe include some photos of her art

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