Microdermal Monday

14 Feb


What exactly is a microdermal piercing; it is a question I typically get when I tell people I have them. A microdermal piercing is anchored piercing that is used for surface piercings. Most piercings go in through an entrance and come out of an exit. This type of piercing has no exit.

This type of piercing is becoming very popular in the piercing world because it has a lower chance in rejected than surface piercings. These piercings are permanent.

For a normal piercing, one would not want their skin to regenerate to the jewelry, hence why one is told to rotate a fresh piercing. A microdermal, it is wanted that the skin grow around the piercing, and this helps to hold it in place.

The outer jewelry on a microdermal anchor can be changed after a few weeks of healing, it would be screwed on, much like a monroe stud. This jewelry is also typically made from titanium instead of steel because it is for the long term.

The thought of that may scare people, to have these piercings removed it is a simple process that your piercer can perform.

Typically it can take one to three months to heal. After the process of getting the microdermal, there may be bruising and soreness.


2 Responses to “Microdermal Monday”

  1. danielleuniverse February 28, 2011 at 8:54 pm #

    I like that you do the “microdermal monday” and “Whatcha got” wednesday. Continuing with that is important and a really good idea because people will know what you are going to post and when. Also, this is the post I was wondering about!

    Suggestion- You should link to this post in the beginning of the rest of your microdermal mondays!


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