Microdermal Monday

21 Feb

The After Piercing

The After Care of a fresh Microdermal Piercing

After getting a microdermal piercing, it is suggested that they remained taped down for the first twenty four hours. This is so that they get be as tight and as close to the skin as possible, for the best healing results.

A suggested way to tape them on is to use a Tegaderm bandage. This is a clear bandage that allows the piercing to breathe, while still holding it down. They are waterproof and keep bacteria out. They are also clear. Using these bandages, you can still see the new piercing and how it is progressing.

To clean it, a saline solution is suggested. Using a salt that is iodine-free, mix about one fourth of a teaspoon with about a cup of water. Wait for the salt to disolve and gently clean the piercing.

Wash your hands before touching your new piercing and before cleaning it.

Typically using a Q-tip is the best method. Dip the Q-tip in the solution and clean around the piercing. Remember to be delicate, for it is still a fresh piercing. Do not twist it or move it around like you would with a normal piercing. You want to minimize touching it as much as possible because of the germs.

When it is time to dry off the area, use a paper towel. Cloth towels can have bacteria growing in them. Using a paper one is more sanitary at this time.


2 Responses to “Microdermal Monday”

  1. danielleuniverse February 28, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    This is a really good article for people who have just gotten these piercings.

    Suggestion- You may have done this already but just a tiny bit of info on what micro dermals are is probably a good idea to include.


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    […] Check it out here for aftercare of a microdermal. […]

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