Before You get Something done…

25 Feb

So you want to get work done? Before you step into any shop there are a couple of things that you should and shouldn’t do.

Hopefully you did your research when finding a place to go. Ask around, look online. Go to a place where someone you know has before and would recommend it. If there is any doubt in your mind the cleanliness of the place, than it is not the place for you.

Ask to see what the person is using. They will show you, and if not, then get up and go somewhere else. Most of the time, they will explain what is happening each step of the way. This is including the set up of the process.

Certificates should be displayed if a place has a license. Then again, poor artists can have licenses as well. This is why you want to ask your friends about where they have gotten theirs done.

To get a piercing or a tattoo, you must be of age. Artists cannot do anything if you are alone and underage. A parent or guardian is necessary if you plan on getting something done.

While getting a tattoo or piercing; your body will be going through some sort of shock. Make sure you eat something before you get it done. After you get it done, do not stand up too quickly, you may get light headed (it has happened to me before).

Also try to avoid taking aspirin or anything else that makes blood thinner. You will be losing some blood. This also includes being sober of both drugs and alcohol.

This is your body that you are changing. Take good care of it; it can affect you for the rest of your life is the place is not clean.

Check out the Association of Professional Piercers for more information


One Response to “Before You get Something done…”

  1. danielleuniverse February 28, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

    Great information!

    Suggestion-Beg your friends to get pictures of their piercings and tattoos…or take pictures of the piercing and tattoos on the people at the parlors. Pictures always enhance a post!

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