Five Websites for Body Jewelry

1 Mar

Check out these websites when you are looking for new body jewelry online!

Be careful of what kind of jewelry you are purchasing stores, make sure you are not allergic to the metal and that the materials that they are using are quality materials. Body jewelry looks amazing, unless its red, green, swollen, or itchy.


Leroi Inc.

Leroi offers a wide variety of materials for their jewelry. This site also has a rage of types of jewelry; from barbells to captive beads to studs to retainers, Leroi Inc has it. They are also a listed member of the APP (Association of Professional Piercers)


While at the tattoo convention in Philly I came across Evolve. Evolve mainly focuses on gauges, but they also have stone labret jewelry and conch pegs. This website specializes in different types of stone jewelry, but they also have wood and brass.

Steel Navel

Steel Navel offers all sorts of jewelry for your body and aftercare to keep your piercing clean and healthy. As for their gauges, there were many different colors and designs. is a collection of all different vendors in one location. Here you can find Diablo Organics brand which specializes in making jewelry out of items such as ivory or coconut wood. Here you can also find Anatometal which offers so interesting colored jewelry for all parts of the body. is also always running different sales; they understand body piercings can get expensive!

Piercing Pagoda

Piercing Pagoda is a fabulous place to find body jewelry. There are also many of these stores located in malls across the U.S. You can find classy jewelry here, but also edgy things as well.


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