Check out These Brands!

8 Mar

Check out these brands. To order any of these brands check out

Diablo Organics

This company hand crafts their jewelry and uses organic materials for their plugs and earrings. For those who do not have their ears gauged Diablo Organics has feather dangling earrings. For those who do have their ears gauged, there are earrings made from coconut wood, horn, ebony wood, and stone. Their gauges also have creative designs that will turn heads.


Oracle Body Jewelry

This website offers teardrop shaped gauges and uses some interesting materials. Scott Barrs the creator of the site tried carving jewelry at the age of 18, since then, he has created this website and has promised his customers he will continue his search for new and interesting designs. He currently has rattle skin plugs on his website! Another thing I found awesome on this site is that he had earrings that had heart shapes in the front (these are plugs).


Intrepid Jewelry

Intrepid has some awesome designs on the inside of their gauges. This company makes their jewelry out of stone, wood, bone, horn , and Italian Rhodoid. The designs on the gauges themselves were intricate; one piece that caught my eye had parts of its center cut out.


Industrial Strength

Since 1991 they have been making awesome looking jewelry. They have a partnership with Swarovski gems so they shine and look cool. Even girls look cute in gauges. Their materials include surgical steel and titanium.



Colors and class! Their products come in many eye catching colors. They use gems in their gauges as well and create awesome designs with different colors of metals and gems. They are also affiliated with the APP (Association of Professional Piercers)


For other websites to order jewelry, click here.



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