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22 Mar

Tattoos are a permanent form of art, yet some people get crazy ones. Here are some websites to look at crazy tattoos while you are bored.

WTF Tattoo

This website has tattoos that most people would regret in the morning. It contains weird tattoos, tattoos that misspelled, and some oddities that you cannot wrap your mind around. Just as the name of the website, some of these tattoos will make you go “What the F**k”.

OMG Tattoo

OMG Tattoo has photos of some interesting (to say the least) tattoos. These tattoos are not necessarily done poorly, but they are some kooky things that people get marked into their skin.

Check out my Ink

Check out my ink, has photos of people’s tattoos. This is a place to show off your tattoo, it can also be a place to come to, to get ideas for a tattoo of your own. There are all different types of designs and drawing on this website.

Tattoo  Paparazzi

On this website, there are photos of celebrities tattoos. If you like to keep up with pop culture this is a fantastic site to browse around. Check out Steve-o’s from MTV’s “Jackass”, he has some entertaining ink.

Tattoo Photo Galleries

This is a photo gallery of people’s tattoos. Viewers can add their own tattoos as well to this website. Here there are tattoos that are very detailed, to the more simple looking. Here they have photos of people’s faces as tattoos to things like butterflies and Chinese letters.



*Isn’t it odd they have the same advertisement?


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