Interview with Brian Decker

25 Mar

When I went to the convention in Philly, there was huge crowd around one table located downstairs. At this table was a man named Brian Decker. He is an artists that specializes in scarification. Soon after the convention, I got in contact with him and did a short interview…

Brian Decker at work.

What made you go into this form of artwork?

Brian: It was essentially a progression in modification from piercing.  If my drawing ability was more enhanced on a technical level I may have given tattooing a try, but alas, it isn’t.  My first introduction to scarring was from a photo of Jon Cobb in a Savage Tattoo magazine, of a piece done by the late Keith Alexander.  The design was a simple starburst on his forehead made up of a series of straight lines.  I absolutely fell in love with the look and idea of it right away and began to research it more.  Being around 8 years ago, the cutting designs I saw were mainly built from basic lines and the drawings never got overly complex that I couldn’t sketch or copy something.  Even the more intricate pieces people like Garza and Lukas were doing at the time were still pretty flat and obviously one dimensional pieces with limited detail.  The first piece I ever did was a small kanji on a friend’s arm.  I started really shallowly, but got a feeling for the way the skin opened really quickly.  It felt so natural to me right from that first piece (which is still in my portfolio), and I was lucky enough to have him and a bunch of friends, and friends of friends, lend pieces of their skin for practice.

Do you have any scarification modifications? What made you choose this method?

Brian: As of right now I don’t have anything done on myself.  I have a few practitioner friends who i’d trust to do some work on me, but i would leave the designing and method up to them.

Any interesting stories that stand out?

Brian: I actually had one client who was looking to get markings on his face, chest, and arms to mimic defense wounds caused by a knife attack.  He was very serious about keeping it secretive from his friends and family, including his own children.  I couldn’t understand why a person would want his family to worry about him being assaulted so badly, but that’s not entirely up to me to decide, so i made some nice cuttings for him and sent him on his way.  Even more oddly, he called back a few months later asking to get some more!  Who he thought would believe he was attacked in the same fashion twice in a few months was beyond me, but i helped him on his journey, regardless.

28 Marcy Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Telephone: 718.384.3377



*Most Definitely check out this portfolio it is awesome.


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