Microdermal Monday

28 Mar

Can I Remove it by Myself?

A microdermal anchor should be removed by a piercer because they are trained how to remove them, and how to insert them. If a person does decide that they want to remove this piece of jewelry on their own, they must know it is going to be more painful than if a piercer was actually doing it for them. I do not recommend doing any procedures on one’s own.

Due to the fact that your skin grows around a microdermal, you would essential be pulling out the jewelry. This is something that you try to avoid while you have the piercing, so it does not make sense to remove it on your own.

When going to a piercer to remove it, they will first clean down the area of where the piercing is.

Than, the piercer will remove the bead from your microdermal. It will be removed so that they can figure out where exactly the base is located underneath the skin.

Here is the scary part of the whole procedure, next the piercer will be using a scalpel to remove the base that is inside.  A small incision will be made and the base will be cut out. At this point the area will be bleeding.

After getting the jewelry removed make sure to keep the area clean. There is going to be an open wound and you wouldn’t want that to get infected. Once again, please go to a piercer to get your microdermal removed. They know the proper way to take out this piercing.


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