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Check out these Sites!

29 Apr

Unique body art

It’s amazing what you can find on stumbleupon when you are bored. Check out some of these awesome tattoos on these people. This shows that tattoos are for everyone; with all types of bodies and personalities.

3D Tattoos

Another stumbleupon find. I always found it interesting when artists were able to make the tattoo appear as if the items are actually there.

Fuck Yeah Tattoos!

This is a popular blog on tumblr that posts people’s tattoos and the stories they share. This is a submission based site, but there is a huge array of different types of tattoos on here.

 Ten Most Modified People

Also found on stumbleupon, this has images of the ten most modified people including the lizard man and the most piercied woman in the world.


Far in Advance

28 Apr

A tattoo convention is coming soon! Mark your calenders because you are officially invited. Book your hotels and pick out what designs you want marked on your body because an event is coming up.

Inked Out New Jersey has set their dates for September 23 through 25. It is going to be located at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Seacaucus, New Jersey. Ticket prices are not available yet.

At this convention there are going to vendors, seminars, contests, music and live tattooing. Check out all the different types of tattoos and entertainment.

147 days away!

Whatcha got Wednesday?

27 Apr

Who does this tattoo belong to? : Byron Grimsley

Where did he get it done? :  Il Bacio, in Cinnaminson, New Jersey

Why did he get this? : Byron’s reason for getting this tattoo is because of his religion, he is a Christian.

Check out Byron’s other arm on last week’s WGW!

Microdermal Monday

25 Apr

How much do they cost?

I personally paid $120 for my pair, my roommate paid $80 for her pair. Other places I have heard to one for $60 or two for $100, you will typically get a deal when you get a pair. So they cost anywhere between $80- 150 per pair. Shop around!

Looking to Tattoo?

24 Apr

Almighty Studios in Jamestown, New York is looking for another artist to join their crew.

Contact them at (716)-487-1243.

They are looking for someone who already has experience and has a portfolio.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

23 Apr

Check out This Tattooed Band

21 Apr

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Miss May I is a five member band from Troy Ohio. Miss May I plays metalcore or thrash metal and is signed to Rise Records. Miss May I is currently on 2011’s Scream Like You Mean it Tour, along with We Came as Romans, The Word Alive, and This or The Apocalypse.

The band consists of Levi Benton, the lead vocals, Justin Aufdemkampe and BJ Stead on guitar, Ryan Neff on bass and Jerod Boyd on the drums.

You may know them from Saw VI’s soundtrack with their song “Forgive and Forget,” or for their cover of “Swing”, by Savage.

Their first albums is entitled Apologies are for the Weak and their newest record is named Monument, which was released last summer.

They were formed in 2006 and since then have toured with bands such as Dance Gavin Dance, Chiodos, and I Set My Friends On Fire.

Check out these songs:

Forgive and Forget & Architect