Watercolor Tattoos

5 Apr

A Celtic knot

Water color tattoos are simply tattoos that appear like someone used water color paint when they drew or colored the tattoo. It can make the tattoo look as if it is a painting. These often appear lighter.

In the picture above is Sarah O’Mara. The story behind her tattoo is that she had originally wanted the tattoo in white. A white tattoo ment an easier  tattoo to hide in the professional world.

The lady at The Mystic Eye, where she had gotten it done, suggested that she had gotten the tattoo in water color. The tattoo still would appear light, but she would get to have some color in the tattoo. The lady who asked her if she wanted it in water color had one of her own.

That looked good, so Sarah decided to go with it, and she had gotten the tattoo done.

The Mystic Eye

127 Greentree Road

Turnersville, NJ 08012



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