I love you…wait, I don’t love you anymore

6 Apr

Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name? Do you think you would regret it? Do you think it is worth it? Love can be so perfect, but tattoos are so permanent.

How do you feel?

Audrey Gagnon, a Public Relations Major at Rowan University.


Eddie Williams, an Early Childhood Education Major at Rowan University.




“I wouldn’t cause I Have a tat on my foot that was for an ex and I learned my lesson. I don’t regret getting the tat cause a big thing about tats for me is remembering who you were with when you got it and what you were doing but as a reminder of her it kinda sucks.”

John McNulty


“I wouldn’t get a tattoo of my girlfriend’s name, you could really love them for this moment, but later on you may not.”

-Steffan Cook


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