Interview with Caroline Evans

19 Apr

A tattoo done by Caroline Evans

When Caroline Evans got into college, she had no idea what she wanted to do, her major was undeclared. One day on her way into the student center she saw a sign for the Ink-Credible Tattoo Convention and told her friend and her sister. Upon arriving at the tattoo convention, she was very overwhelmed.

Her sister had waited all day to get a tattoo during that convention, that she had to be taken after hours to get it done. Tattooing had all began there, she later submitted a portfolio to Mason Gross and received a BA in visual Arts and minored in Psychology.

Her apprenticeship was completed three months after she had graduated from Rutgers. Her first spot in a tattoo studio was working the waiting room and was later offered to learn how to tattoo.

Evans also has many hobbies. She signs for a German-American mixed chorus, The Schwabischer Sangerbund and tours with them. She likes to paint, take photos, and cats.

“I have many hobbies, I like learning and I don’t do boredom well,” said Evans.

Evans is also an avid convention goer. She has been to New Orleans Tattoo VooDoo Expo in 2006, Wild Wild West Tattoo Expo in 2007, Marked for Life All Female Convention 2004 – present and many more.

“I like seeing my friends and seeing what they’ve been up to while seeing different parts of the country and world.  And you get a chance to be exposed to different clients with different ideas and it helps you grow as an artist,” said Evans.

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