Body Mods in the Workforce

2 May

Getting a tattoo or piercing can be a big step in a person’s life, and it can have a lot of meaning to a person. Getting a tattoo or piercing can also greatly affect a person’s chances at getting a career.

Looking for a job can be difficult it can be even more difficult when a person has some sort of modification in plain view. A company’s first selling point may be the image of one employee. Although, this one employee may speak eloquently, have a great knowledge of the product, be helpful and be very friendly, a potential customer may be set back to see some sort of modification on the company’s employee.

Those who are looking to go into the teaching field need to be careful. In the field of education, teachers and any other people who work in a school are around a younger generation all day. Teachers (as an example) need to appear well educated and clean cut. Teachers in many districts cannot show any tattoos.

This goes for many other professions as well. Placement of tattoos is key. Most careers will allow a person to have them as long as they are able to conceal them. This may mean wearing a long sleeved shirt or completely closed shoes.

“I don’t think that they bother anyone, it is a form of expression. They don’t hurt anyone, and aren’t unprofessional because so many people have piercings and tattoos now. However, they should be appropriate such as no nudity in plain sight,” answer Colleen Dolan, a secondary Education major here at Rowan.

The job may even be as small as a host in a restaurant. Last summer for example, I was a host in McLoone’s at Favorites, in Fords, New Jersey. As I have mentioned before I have my nose pierced and at this point I had only worn a stud. During my interview with the general manager he had questioned me if I was able to take my piercing out. At McLoone’s at Favorites, those who worked for the company were not allowed to have any facial piercings.

Gilbert Handy, who has served in the United States Army, understood when he was not allowed to have any visible piercings or tattoos when he was in service.  Although, his feelings towards tattoos and piercings in the workforce outside of the military differs.

“The civilian workforce, however, has got to lighten up. Maintaining a dress code for appearances that I get; it really isn’t appropriate to allow freedom of dress because, let’s face it, some people will take that to the limits of indecency. But tattoos and piercings are merely decorative and an expression of yourself,” as stated by Handy.

A company’s image is all they have at first glance. The stigma that society once placed on modifications still holds true, even though they are becoming more acceptable in society. There are many people who have tattoos and piercings and are very well educated and very well mannered people.

If you are looking for a job and have tattoos or piercings check out these websites.

Finding a job when you have body piercings

Employers with tattoo policies

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