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Guest Appearance ?

27 Sep

Scott Simacek,

an artist who practices in California is making a special guest appearance in New York for a little bit.

He is very friendly! So check him out while you can.

Right now, he is at Masterpiece Tattoo in Staten Island, NY



Microdermal Monday

26 Sep

Who should I go to for my Microdermal Piercing?

For this I will answer the same thing I would answer for a tattoo, go to a piercer you trust, but mainly go to a piercer who has done this before. Although, they are not as perminant as a tattoo, tissue is removed to do this process so make sure you get someone who knows what they are doing. Ask around before you jump in.

Stalker Sunday

25 Sep

So where did I find this cool bit?

I found it at Warped Tour waiting to see Terrible Things.

I love nautical tattoos!

Whatcha got Wednesday?

21 Sep


Alright, this one I got from a friend I used to go to summer camp with.

She got it done at Inksanity in Somerset, NJ, by a fella named Ben.

She loves peacocks, and for everyone curious, this took more than one session!

Interview with Jim Kelly!

20 Sep

Jim Kelly is a piercer at Empire Tattoo in Pitman, NJ. Which is just down the street from Rowan University, I was curious if the college being so near by has effected the shop or not.

Empire Tattoo in Pitman, NJ from the outside.

Because everyone gets their start differently tell me about yourself and how you got started.

JK: I have been a piercer for 3 years but I have been around tattoo shops for much longer than that. I have been interested in tattoos and piercings since I was a very young age. My mom signed for me to get my lip pierced at 15 and I ended up hanging out in the shop a lot after that. I ended up being asked to help out around the shop and got more and more responsibilities. Once a new shop opened I became a full time apprentice and began piercing from there.

Being that you are located right by Rowan University and the high school, do you get alot more students than the average store?

JK: It depends on what you consider an average store. Our store in Blackwood is down the street from Camden County Community College and Highland is around the corner. Students do tend to go to the closest shop so yes we get a lot more Rowan and Glassboro students than our other shops but no more students than any other shops by a school.

I know I was nervous with my tattoo, I was nervous even to get my nose pierced! What do you tell these students when they come in ready to get something done, but are very nervous.

JK: I tell them to relax as best they can and be realistic about it, expect a little bit of pain but realize it will be over very quickly. I tell them it is important to breathe normal and not hold their breath. Its a fairly simple process once the client is relaxed. When they realize how easy it is they are able to stay much more calm.

I have heard some fraternities make their pledging members get a receipt from a tattoo shop, what do you tell them, and are there any interesting stories surrounding these students.

JK: No this hasn’t happened. It wouldn’t be a problem to give anyone a receipt. Receipts are given to every customer if they need one.

Empire Tattoo
3 North Broadway
Pitman, NJ 08071

It’s HERE!

19 Sep

Inked out NJ is this weekend at the Meadowlands.

The doors open Friday at 4 so get pumped!

I just found out that if you are in the military, police force, ems, or fire fighter your ticket is free!

Prices vary from $18-60 depending on how many days you are going and when you purchase the ticket.

Plenty of artists will be there, some that are not local to this area so if you do not travel this is a chance to get a tattoo done by artists from all over the globe. There will also be live music.


I am sorry to say I will not be going to this convention because I have a sorority event, and I am even farther south than I am normally from the Meadowlands.

Microdermal Monday

19 Sep

I want one in my hips but I am worried my pants will get snagged on it, can you elaborate?

Alright,  I am making this my topic today because last night when I showered was the first time I ever snagged mine, and that was on a bath poof, so that could have happened with any microdermal. Mine does not get caught often, but my jeans do rest right near it. Sometimes I do need to adjust my pants so they are not rubbing against them, its just a slight uncomfort, but nothing to serious that it should stear you away from getting the piercing. I am careful because I do not want them to get ripped out, but I do not plan my day around making sure they do not get ripped out.