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Interesting News

9 Aug

I know I haven’t posted on here in months, I have been super busy with school, work and interning. I would like to let everyone know they can check out an article by me in the latest issue of Rebel Ink. It’s about Lucky Hell, a beautiful tattooed sword swallower.


Microdermal Monday

24 Oct

I searched Microdermal Piercings and I saw the word Tygon, what is that?

Tygon is a type of plastic tubing that can be used for piercings. I would not recommend it for microdermals because unlike titanium it needs to be replaced after so many months because it does break down.


Stalker Saturday

15 Oct

Caught this gem at a concert.

“Tattoo School” on TLC

9 Jul

TLC is not new to the idea of having shows based around the art of tattooing or running a tattoo shop, but listen up to what they are planning now.

The new show “Tattoo School”, is a show where students learn how to tattoo in just two weeks. These “new artists?” “apprentices?”, contestants are looking to turn their lives around through the art of tattooing.

Not everyone can be a tattoo artist, and the skill usually takes more than two weeks to fully learn what to do. I am sure it will be an interesting show, but the idea of someone learning this technique is what is shocking people.

There are plenty of people out there who want to learn to tattoo and many looking for an apprenticeship, so maybe this will teach them some techniques as well.

The show is airing July 14th at 9 p.m. and takes place at the Tattoo Learning Center School. The location the show is filmed is the Albany, New York Location. If you are interested in attending the school, tuition is $4800, which is not too bad at the rate that college (for me) costs $28,000, a year.

After checking out their website, it seems like a bar-tending school but for tattooing, I think I am going to check out the show, at least for one episode!

If you are against the airing of this show, check out this petition.

If you are for the show, check out where it will be taking place.

While cruising the internet

19 May

As I was cruising the internet tonight I ended up on and I found this awesome quote….

Today, the president and co-founder of a local charity that directly cares for homeless people in our area is a 26-year-old tattoo artist who is covered from head to toe with tattoos and piercings and has long brown dreadlocks. He’s been running the charity since he was 20 and helped me get back on my feet four years ago. People like him who ignore stereotypes and make a difference by doing things their own way MMT.

Remember to never judge a book by it’s cover. Those of us who are modified are still good citizens, it does not matter what we look like!

Want to see your tattoo on Modifying College?

8 May

Shoot me an email with where you got the tattoo done and a fun fact!

Please if you are sending a tattoo that is not your own have permission.

My email is or leave a comment!

I love you…wait, I don’t love you anymore

6 Apr

Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name? Do you think you would regret it? Do you think it is worth it? Love can be so perfect, but tattoos are so permanent.

How do you feel?

Audrey Gagnon, a Public Relations Major at Rowan University.


Eddie Williams, an Early Childhood Education Major at Rowan University.




“I wouldn’t cause I Have a tat on my foot that was for an ex and I learned my lesson. I don’t regret getting the tat cause a big thing about tats for me is remembering who you were with when you got it and what you were doing but as a reminder of her it kinda sucks.”

John McNulty


“I wouldn’t get a tattoo of my girlfriend’s name, you could really love them for this moment, but later on you may not.”

-Steffan Cook