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17 Oct

 I have recently heard of microdermal Tongue Piercings.

Some of the risks of these are chipping your teeth, just as with a tongue ring, infection, and tearing.

This is basically a more perminate tongue ring.


Microdermal Monday

28 Feb
What are the Risks?

As all piercings have risks, so do mircodermal piercings. Those who have these piercings should be especially careful right after getting the procedure.

The obvious risk, as many other piercings is that it can get caught on something. Be gentle when getting changed or drying off after a shower. The outside of the piercing can get caught and pulled which may hurt, or if rough enough, rip the piercing out.

A rare thing that may occur is an inward traveling infection. This can occur with out your knowledge and can effect your health.

Another thing that may occur is a keloid, which are visible and more common. A keloid is raised scar and looks disgusting. These are hard to miss on your own body, and noticeable on others. They can itch, stink, and hurt.These can occur from irritation or being accidently hit.

Even more common than keloids are hypertrophic scars. These also are tiny bumps by the piercing. They may look like pimples, but they are not! Be careful, there will be blood is you pop them!

As all piercing there is a risk of rejection. Although for microdermals, the risk of rejection is lower, but it is still possible. Your body will simply push the piercing out, but it can hurt and can leave scarring.

See your piercer right away if you feel as if any of these are happening to you. S/he will be able to tell you what to do and how to treat the problem. Do not wait around, get help immediately.