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Microdermal Monday

24 Oct

I searched Microdermal Piercings and I saw the word Tygon, what is that?

Tygon is a type of plastic tubing that can be used for piercings. I would not recommend it for microdermals because unlike titanium it needs to be replaced after so many months because it does break down.


17 Oct

 I have recently heard of microdermal Tongue Piercings.

Some of the risks of these are chipping your teeth, just as with a tongue ring, infection, and tearing.

This is basically a more perminate tongue ring.

Microdermal Monday

26 Sep

Who should I go to for my Microdermal Piercing?

For this I will answer the same thing I would answer for a tattoo, go to a piercer you trust, but mainly go to a piercer who has done this before. Although, they are not as perminant as a tattoo, tissue is removed to do this process so make sure you get someone who knows what they are doing. Ask around before you jump in.

Microdermal Monday

25 Apr

How much do they cost?

I personally paid $120 for my pair, my roommate paid $80 for her pair. Other places I have heard to one for $60 or two for $100, you will typically get a deal when you get a pair. So they cost anywhere between $80- 150 per pair. Shop around!

Microdermal Monday

4 Apr


Microdermal piercings as I have mentioned are becoming quite popular. Some reasons for this are they have less of a rejection rate and they are permanent.

Where Can I get a Microdermal Piercing?

Some Popular Ones are:


Above the Eyebrow

Between the Eyes

On the side of the Eyes

Collar Bones




Back Dimples

Can be used in Corset


Get Creative, these are revolutionizing piercing and can create some awesome designs and go almost anywhere.