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17 Oct

 I have recently heard of microdermal Tongue Piercings.

Some of the risks of these are chipping your teeth, just as with a tongue ring, infection, and tearing.

This is basically a more perminate tongue ring.


Aftercare of a Tongue Ring

12 Mar

Pierced Tongue

After you get your tongue pierced, your tongue is going to be swollen, just relax. Be careful as to what you eat, the first couple of days may be hard to get by because you are not used to the new object in your mouth. Just take your time eating large items. Cut your food up. Eating ice also helps to reduce the swelling.

You are going to want to clean your piercing after everything you do dealing with your mouth. If you eat, smoke, kiss, etc, you are going to want to clean the piercing with an alcohol-free mouthwash. You can use 50% water if the mouthwash is too intense. You want to use an alcohol-free mouthwash because the piercing is essential a cut in your mouth, so it will burn.

Try to avoid smoking, deep kissing, or oral sex. Smoking should be avoided because of the 4000 chemicals in the smoke. The other two should be avoided because your partner may not be as clean as you hope, or they claim to be.

To heal, it will take up to three months. Do not remove the jewelry until it is healed or play with it too much. Healing does take different times depending on the person.